A Really Spicy Thai Food Adventure!

We eat some really HOT Pad Thai, delicious calamari, and some succulent seafood dishes! Join us as we try out Mali Thai Bistro. Authentic Thai food, great service, and fantastic food!

What's the hottest/spiciest food you've ever had? Tell us in the comments below!

Mali Thai Bistro is located at:

579 SE Melody Ln

Lees Summit, Missouri 64063


I have never had calamari before, but I knew I loved seafood, so was going to give a shot. Then Tim told me that it was squid.... I still gave it a shot because I can't be like "EWW SQUID GROSS I'M NOT EATING THAT!" no. I was not going to do that. I'm supposed to be adventurous in what I eat, always trying new things when I have the chance. So, when it got to the table, I wholeheartedly dug into that amazingly presented dish and tried a piece of succulent calamari. I use the adjective "succulent" because their squid tentacles and I don't care if I make bad puns. Anyway, needless to say, I loved it and it's one of my favorite seafood dishes now and I'll be getting it again in the future for sure. That was just the appetizer! I got some fried rice with crab meat - and man oh man that crab was excellent. All of the food here is really quite top-notch. I have had lots of Thai food before, and personally, I'd probably put this one at the top of my list. The food came out really hot and fresh and the everything is cooked in the wok style, so all of the flavors are retained within the food nicely and nothing tasted dry. Chris got the Pad Thai and he stated that it was the best Pad Thai he has ever had in his life. Tim came to that same conclusion once he tried it. This place really does have a delicious offering of authentic Thai foods and I definitely recommend that you try it out sometime!


There we were...sitting around wondering where we were going to go for lunch. Unsure what kind of food we should showcase, what side of the world to visit, and how far we were willing to travel to get it. It was at this point that my greatest food advisor (Google) dropped an intriguing option into my lap. Mali Thai Bistro. After scouting the place out, we decided that this place definitely fit our M.O. So we took our first step through the two sets of double doors and were greeted by a charming, yet simple room. It is a quirky place. The ceilings are high and the wall are colorful and covered in small paintings and pictures. The space feels large, and homey at the same time. One odd thing that kept happening...the music would cut out at random intervals for indeterminate amounts of time and then blast back in with no warning leading to a few scares and more than a few laughs. Anyways, our waitress was incredible helpful and welcoming. She made suggestions and was quick with refills and anything else we may have needed. The food was memorable to say the least! It has been awhile since I have had some seriously good Thai food, and this place has some of the most authentic, flavorful Thai that I have ever had! I more than recommend this place, I encourage you to go there yourself!

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