Back to the Bistro!

Pho La La is one of our favorite Vietnamese Bistros ever!

We had to go back and do a more comprehensive showcase of their menu and actually try their Pho this time - along with some other incredible tastes!

They are located in Lee's Summit, Missouri!

Pho la la: 9578, 44A NE Sycamore St, Lee's Summit, MO 64086

Check out the new episode and our individual reviews below the video!

From Josh

Tim and I couldn't rave about this place more. It's insane how good this food is. If you ever go, you absolutely HAVE to start with the La La Fries. Literally, the best appetizer I have ever had in my entire life- no exaggerations here. I couldn't believe how delicious they were. Sorry if I'm hyping them up to much- but I'm pretty darn sure they won't disappoint unless you have a strange hatred for fries and beef. It's the greatest combination of the two items that I have ever had. Next, we had the Beef Pho - boy oh boy, so comforting to eat, the feeling it gives you inside is akin to when you wake up in the middle of the night to the coldness of the room, and then you pull three large warm blankets over you and you fall sound asleep. This is basically Vietnamese comfort food. Now, before I continue, a word about Max. Max Chau, the owner, is a super nice guy, and he has been super good to Tim and me. He has a great sense of both hospitality and humor and one of his number one policies is to make sure his customers are satisfied with their food. What an awesome dude. The other workers there are very attentive too, complete with fast service, and happy attitudes. They got a good thing going on there! Back to the food, the Bibimbap - oooooooooh the Bibimbap was also heaven. Man, I loved every bite - as did Tim. It immediately made our favorites list. Tons of different flavors all combined together in a bowl with a lid on it. When you pull the lid off, the steam greets you and says "Hello, my friend, welcome to goodness, eat me" and I did. And Tim did. It was a great time.

Good job Pho La La. You have earned a regular. Woooo!!

From Tim

Contrary to what he said at the beginning, I CAN rave about this place more...and I totally will. First, however, lets talk about a few things. Pho La La is located in a sort of strip mall and when you first look at the outside of the building...not much catches your eye, and it can be easy to over look the sign of one of my favorite bistro style restaurants, but DON'T make that mistake! It is not a place you should judge by its surroundings. Upon entering you are greeted by a Clean, modern styled decor(lots of black on white) with lots of bits and baubles lining different shelves and surfaces. You are met with the smile of both the main server and, most of the time, by Max the Owner. One thing to note is that seating can be limited. While there are plenty of tables and booths, none seat more than 4 people. That being said, the owner makes a point of putting the guests first and would likely accommodate you if you so chose to arrive with more than a table could seat. Now let's talk about the Phood(/fo͞od/)! Since my first time going there I have tried six different items, and have not been remotely disappointed by any of them. From the Beef Pho to the Bulgogi Fries, each dish brings along a unique, refreshing flavor to my otherwise deprived American palate. Each time I go, I feel a bit more like I am part of their family. Feel free to chat with any and all of the staff. They are all super friendly and engaging. If you are looking for a fast and casual dining experience, Pho La La is the place to make that happen. They have made a regular out of me, and I encourage you all to become one as well.

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