Brazilian Buffet! - Scratching the Surface

Hello everybody! This week we had the opportunity to visit a Brazilian Steakhouse! Porto Do Sul! It's definitely on the nicer end of the dining spectrum, and you can expect the attentive staff and the upscale atmosphere to reflect that. This was an exciting and new experience for both of us, and we didn’t even get to try everything they had to offer! We will be going back to showcase more of their succulent selections. Read about our personal opinions and experiences below!


WHOA DUDE GOOD FOOD! I don't think I've ever had Brazilian food like this before - and now my favorite foods list has been populated with all sorts of new tastes! Walking in, Tim and I felt super out of place because the waiters were lookin' all snazzy and the interior was fahncy. Despite our casual getup, we sat down and figured out how they serve food. First you do the "Harvest Table" which is the buffet part of the experience. As we walked down the line and tried saying Portuguese words we couldn't pronounce, we shoveled massive amounts of a huge delicious selection of Brazilian delicacies onto our plates. Then, one of the waiters, Daniel, I think, came over and gave us some great insight into the food we were trying. The best part about it was that he's ACTUALLY BRAZILIAN so his pronunciation was on point and we learned tons of authentic factual info about Brazilian cuisine (just watch the video!). Then Tim and I sat down and ate. BOYOHBOY there were some perfectly crafted tastes... Everything from the crispy-on-the-outside-soft-on-the-inside potatoes to the delectable rice and bean dishes just satisfied us through and through. Friends, you gotta come and try this place out. Two quick things: first, we never actually got to the main course meat part. I know, I know, it's crazy 'cause we're a food vlog, but we ran out of time and the Harvest Table filled us up completely. NEVERTHELESS, we will return and highlight some of their meats, as the waiter told us that the meats are what they are known for. Secondly, this place is pricey, but hey, it's a fancy restaurant and perfect if you want to impress a date or a business buddy. Take it from us, it was upscale greatness with a touch of travel mixed in with bountiful amounts of Brazilian cuisine.


Porto Do Sul. Wow. Just. Wow. It stands there. In impressive monument of class, flavor, and attentive service. Before I walked into the door, I noticed one of the employees walking through the door dressed up like he was attending a wedding...and that just...needless to say I felt a little to casually dressed before I entered the building. Upon passing through the two massive wooden doors, sitting like silent sentinels, I was greeted immediately by the host/server. He promptly guided us to our seat next to the warm glow of the in-wall fireplace. It was both classy and cozy all at the same time. Now let’s talk food! There is an impressive selection, and variety of foods available on their Harvest Table. Stuff like cheesy bread lasagna, mashed potatoes (admittedly not the most exotic), eggplant casserole of some sort, tons of rice, and so much more that I am having issues remembering it all. Everything was fresh, hot, and delicious. Needless to say, that the harvest table took up most of of our time. Looking back, we see that we missed out on their main course meats, a whole selection of alcoholic beverages, and numerous desserts….so we have decided that this place will need a second showing at some point in the near future. There was only one thing that caught us off guard...which looking back shouldn’t have been surprising. The pricing. It is not a cheap place to eat. Lunch costs generally start at $20 and dinner….well dinner is always more expensive than lunch. However, I do not resent the cost due to the incredible dining experience provided. I definitely recommend this restaurant to people looking to celebrate some kind of special occasion or have a date night. Anyways, thanks for joining us and go check out Porto Do Sul!



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