ConnectFest Hot Wings Contest!

We had an incredible time at ConnectFest this year! The event was held at Calvary University's campus (Josh's Alma Mater) and there were a host of attractions such as carnival games, rides, and most of all, US!!! and other businesses too. Throughout the day we hosted a number of challenges which you guys were able to participate in. We had food-related contests from drinking a full bottle of tabasco sauce, to eating an entire loaf of angel food cake in.... wait for it... two bites. Yes, you heard that right. One of our contestants spent 15 minutes devouring a loaf of angel cake in two bites and won a gift card for it. What a marvelous world we live in!

We ended the day with an eating contest that blew both contestants' minds as we unveiled the infamous "Blazin' Wing Challenge" from Buffalo Wild Wings. They had 6 minutes to devour 12 of these scalding snacks and live to tell the tale. The prize? A $50 gift card to Shack Breakfast & Lunch, who sponsored part of our day. You'll have to watch the video above to find out who won!

That brings us to our section of gratitude. There were a number of restaurants that sponsored gift cards for our contests.

Here are all of the sponsors, and we hope that you check out our previous episodes where we showcase these amazing restaurants!

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Pho la la: Our review - (New review coming soon!)

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Extra big thank you to Fellowship Greenwood for the use of their tent and tables!


Congratulations to all of our gift card winners!

1st place: Esther McRae

2nd place: Jared Wanderlingh

Other winners:

Benjamin Hill

Arianna Erixson

Austin Johnson

Lon Gray

Jennifer Stone

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