French Donuts at Beignet!

We’re off again on another tasty adventure! This time we treat not only our taste buds but those of our fellow friends and family, Kristin and Lee! We collectively decided we needed a little variety in our we headed out to Beignet on the City Market. It is a cozy little snack shack mixing New Orleans and French flavor into pockets of heaven and meat! The staff was super friendly, and the food was FAST! Please show them a little love, they definitely earned it!


I knew I was going to like this place as soon as I realized I had no idea how to pronounce it. My whole experience began when I tried explaining the name to my sister by saying the words “Beige” and “Net” in a sentence together….needless to say it set the mood in the right place. Beignet is a delightful little...pastry place? Snack shack? Food Fortress? that last one is ridiculous. Regardless of what you could or could not call it, here is what I will say about it. It is cozy, captivating, and colorful. You walk into a quite small room that is adorned with all manner of candles, pictures, and an assortment of bits and baubles. When you can finally tear your eyes away from the uniqueness of the interior, you find yourself at the front counter and are met with a smile. Now if you are like me, and have never had a treat such as this, don’t be afraid to ask the staff for advice or opinions. They were sweet, and informative. They also confirmed my suspicions that the “Spicy Cajun” Beignet was the way to go! In total, I probably spent ten minutes inside, and it was only that long because I was waiting on the other people in my group to get their food. One major benefit of the position of Beignet...It is in City Market! This means that after you finish your amazing meal, you can go through the market and see all of the incredibly interesting booths and people in the area! The experience was overall enjoyable, I will definitely be going back, and you should head there too!


I have never tried a beignet before in my life... and man have I been missing out! These were SOOO savory and sweet! I love it when I get to shove so many different, great tastes into my mouth over the course of an hour. Beignet is located in downtown Kansas City, Missouri in the Historic City Market where many local farmers and businesses come to sell their products. The market is surrounded by restaurants and shops and the Steamboat Arabia Museum. Beignet is one of the surrounding restaurants. When you near the door, you can already smell the food cooking. This place was bustling right after we got in there. A line was out the door! I found out that a beignet is actually a French donut - and I mean, come on - who doesn't like donuts? There are two kinds you can get: sweet and savory. I got one of both. I got the Bronx beignet, which is a savory pocket of various meats and other ingredients, and then I got the chocolate/hazelnut beignet which doused in powdered sugar and served with a huge cup of chocolate and hazelnut dip. OH SO AMAZING! Not only did they serve beignets, but also a plethora of cajun/creole foods such as jambalaya and gumbo. You can add catfish, shrimp, and all sorts of other meats into these dishes to ramp up the flavor. I tried the jambalaya, and let me tell you, next time I'll be feasting on it because I can eat like three or four servings of that goodness. So, please, if you've never had a beignet before, do yourself a mighty huge favor and try one of those heavenly pockets of glory. Show some love to this awesome little restaurant- then tell us what you think!

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