"Holiday" at Harvey's

Two days after the celebration of America's birthday we decided to pay a visit to Harvey's, a staple restaurant at union station in Kansas City. Our journey began bright and early on a warm Friday morning. The sky was blue and our bellies were empty. While neither of us had ever visited Harvey's, we had certainly heard glowing reviews about the place. So we packed up the equipment and set our course!

The Sights

We were so excited to check out a place with so many cool things to see. Union Station is most definitely a landmark of Kansas City and the sights are incredible. When you go to Harvey’s, you aren't just sitting in a restaurant; you are sitting in Union Station. You take in the cavernous echoes of bustling tourists and travelers as you gobble down the delicacies. Since it’s a train station, you feel like you’re getting ready to travel somewhere as soon as you walk in. You get inspired with wanderlust just strolling through. We sat atop the higher ring of the restaurant, and we were able to get that fantastic view of the architecture. There’s so much to take in that you wouldn't even get tired of staring at the interior of this place for the entire duration of your meal. Talk about #aesthetic. The view coupled with the smells and tastes totally completed the experience for us. Perfect placement for a restaurant. After you eat, and you want dessert, but have no more room in your stomach, just walk around the building for an hour or two, and leisurely observe the historical exhibits of the architecture of the building in the surrounding balcony-halls above. That’s just the interior! The outside is equally beautiful, and the World War I Museum is close by. Once you’re ready, head back to the restaurant half-empty and eat that key-lime pie. MMHM!

The Experience

Lets talk about expectations here for a second. When you first get to Harvey's, you immediately notice that it has a certain level of class. That level is multiple steps above street vendor and fast food. It gives off a "Fast Casual" vibe, while retaining a chic exterior, trim staff, and polished interior. Needless to say the expectations were quite high. Especially after seeing seafood on the breakfast menu. Stuff like "Crab Cake Benedict" and "Grilled Salmon Benedict". Mind is blown already. so we walk up to the lovely lady at the hostess stand and she immediately greets us with curiosity and a warm smile. The camera has been noticed at this point, and she asks us if we are "Vloggers", which of course we are, and after a brief exchange she brings us to our table.

The table was your standard four cornered, square surface...oh but it was in the perfect place to get a view of the entire interior of the station AND the restaurant, the view was beautiful and alluring. We had barely enough time to pick up our menus when we were greeted by Steven! That is the name of the incredible man who served our meal. He assured us that he was comfortable appearing on video, and actually encouraged us to film as much of the facility as possible. He practically bent over backwards in order to aid us in our visual venture. He guided us through the Ins and outs of the menu and gave us suggestions as to what was popular among most guests. We ended up getting two of the best meals ever! A humongous breakfast burrito, and some cinnamon roll pancakes that had their own gravitational pull! After getting the needed footage of our food, we promptly devoured everything! All in all, the food was delicious, the staff was accommodating, and the setting was beautiful. We were only able to experience a small portion of the 'Harvey experience" however, as we only sampled the breakfast menu. Perhaps someday we will return for lunch and dessert too.

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