This week we explore the creative pub food of Hopcat! Hopcat is a three-story bar experience which offers its very own Tiki Bar (voted #1 in the WORLD!), one hundred rotating taps, and their legendary Crack Fries rated #10 in the country by Food Network themselves! The food is sensational, the location is visually interesting, and the service is incredible! We totally suggest you guys take the time to visit these guys ASAP!! Watch the episode below and then read our afterthoughts!


We went to a bar. That isn’t the kind of establishment we usually frequent, but oh boy, I am glad we decided to head that way this week. It was about two or three weeks ago when they offered us the opportunity to experience their beautiful bar scene! Admittedly, it was the mention of their “Crack Fries” that got us interested. When I walked in the door I immediately was drawn to the modern twist of the traditional bar design. I was also taken with just how...clean it was. The place was immaculate. They put in the effort to keep the place shiny and new! Before I knew it, I was sitting in a booth getting some of the best bar food in my life. First off I must mention Shannon (forgive me if I spelled it wrong). While she expressed her unease around the cameras, she didn’t allow that to affect our service. She came by every time with an incredibly warm and welcoming demeanor. She was SUPER helpful in deciding what to eat, and gave pointers for the drink menu. My meal consisted of sassy chicken (Nashville Heat Chicken) on a bun, with the President of Russia (Vladmir Poutine Loaded Fries) as my side dish. WOW! I’ll save the review for the video...but it was quite a pleasant sandwich. It is warm enough to make you sweat by the end of your meal, but not hot enough to make you regret it. The Dessert we had was a...cheesecake...It was the perfect amount sweet to top off the meal, and all this was paired with a hard blackberry cider local to the KC area. Let me tell was a challenge NOT to have about five or six of these amazing beverages, but I managed to limit myself to one. All in all, Hopcat was an incredible discovery! I have already been back to eat there twice since filming a week ago! You guys totally need to head out there and enjoy the top of the line bar going experience!


I had never heard of Hopcat when they invited to come try their food. I had no idea what to expect until they mentioned that they had some kind of "famous" crack fries. My stomach is always on a search for some delectable fries so we decided to check it out. Upon first walking in, the whole atmosphere is just super artistic, modern and cool. One of the things we read online prior to going was that every single Hopcat looks different, as they adopt the work of local artists wherever the store is located. In the video, You'll see a huge mural behind us of famous celebrities. Up close, there are little army men, cowboys, indians, and astronaut figurines placed strategically on the wall as part of the mural. They are painted in, so it's hard to notice them at first. Overall, the entire look of the place was really hip and clean. So, onto the food, and I don't want to say too much, because you should watch our reactions above in the video... but the crack fries were some of the best I've ever had, and the Mushroom and Swiss Burger was also YUM-TASTIC. The burger had a weird combination of crunchiness and juiciness because there were fried onions in it. It was a pleasant discovery for sure! Shannon, our waitress had the best suggestions ever and she was so awesome to us. If you go to Hopcat, tell her we say hi! I've already been back once since we've filmed the episode and this restaurant is going on the must eat list for anyone who should come to Kansas City! After you check it out, make a day of strolling down Westport. There's lots to see and do, and it's one of the coolest things about Kansas City, Missouri!

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