We were invited to a taste testing at Shack Breakfast and Lunch, a new restaurant opening TODAY in Overland Park, Kansas City! The service, atmosphere, and food were all fantastic. Check out this week's episode below and watch until the end to catch an interview with the owner, Brant Baldanza!


Where do I start!? This place was great. Bustling as we came in! the service was pleasant and helpful, and the food was delicious! We started off with the loaded “Dirty Fries.” I got Chili Cheese fries and Tim got the Holy Moly, which has guacamole and pico de gallo. Then on to the main course. The menu was hilarious. Every menu item had an incredibly creative name, from “Make a Grown Man Cry” to “Mommy, where does Bacon Come From?” I ended up ordering what the owner claimed was his favorite: “Why the French Hate Us.” When it got to my table, I understood why: the sausage-stuffed-croissant had been stabbed with a knife. It’s like entertainment was provided with each meal! The portion sizes are huge, so worth the money. There are quirky quips on the mugs, hoping to crack up customers as they sip their coffee. We were able to interview the owner, Brant Baldanza, and you could just tell that he was so full life and laughter as he explained why humor was such a big part of the experience. “It’s the first time people are together during the day… it’s a great time to start the day for them… What better way to do that than to make people laugh!” Agreed, Brant, thanks for making the experience so enjoyable for us!


Right from the get-go I was filled with this positive energy by the literal mob of people on the inside of Shack. The door opened and its vibrant and unique interior, the hum of about one hundred people, and the incredible smell of good food washed across my senses. There I was frozen, taking in the scene before me when I realized we were already heading to our seats. There is wood everywhere! The walls are a patchwork quilt of doors and wooden panels! It is truly like no other restaurant that I have ever been to. so we sit down and set up our equipment just in time to see Brant walk into the room with this commanding, charismatic presence! He tells us all about "Shack" and what his vision is (watch the video to hear more on that) and then goes on his way, leaving the room buzzing with excitement. We hardly get started when BAM! Food is brought in to us. We are brought two delightful Loaded fry appetizers that really set the bar high. All the while our server,Zack...or maybe Zach...anyway our server has been doing a wonderful job making sure our every need is met. Grabbing drink refills, offering insights into the menu items, being patient as we take two lifetimes to order our food... he was amazing! We ended up ordering the "Wolf pack" and the "Why the French Hate Us", and we had gotten no more than a third of the way through our meals when they told us something amazing.... "Try anything you want, it is on the house tonight". Yes. That is true beauty right there. We decided that ordering just one more item would be enough, the "Gringo Killer" which happened to be a favorite of one the employees. All around, this is one of my new favorite restaurants in the KC Metro area. Definitely on my Top 10. OH! before I forget, if you are into tradition/leaving a mark at places you visit....this is a great pace to go. On the front of their menu they have a message and some rules. "The writings on the wall". They provide you with two things. The sharpies and the wall. Your job is to sign it any way you see fit! People sign doorways, corners, other people, maybe even the floor.....all I know is that I HAD to take part in this! WVFF left their mark on "Shack", and so should you! Get out there already and share the experience! You wont regret it!

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